how to fix scratched disc with peanut butter

repair - Can you remove scratches from a lens with peanut butter

By introducing an oily substance such as peanut butter to the like Brasso) is able to remove scratches from things like CDs and lenses

How Peanut Butter Can Fix a Scratched DVD TreeHugger

Aug 31, 2012 No more ruined movie nights. It turns out the solution to scratched DVDs may be closer to hand than you realize.

Fix Any CD . With Peanut Butter!: 3 Steps

Have an old, scratched up CD that won't play anymore? That CD probably held many memories for you, and you wish you were able to play it, if only it wasn't so.

Buyer beware: to fix a CD that skips, first try good old soap and water

Aug 12, 2005 I have got a couple of scratched CDs. Is it possible to repair them? Back in the mid-1980s, when CDs were first introduced and every player

How to Fix a Scratched Video Game: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

Keep in mind that any repairs to a scratched disc are usually temporary; you'll most . What should I do if the toothpaste and peanut butter method did not work?

Fill Disc Scratches with Peanut Butter - Lifehacker

Sep 9, 2012 All you need to do is rub a bit of peanut butter into the surface of the disc . After wiping the disc clean with a cloth, only the oils will remain.

How to Repair Scratches on a CD HowStuffWorks

Don't throw out those scratched and non-functioning CDs, repair them. Learn more about how to repair scratches on a cd.

Is it Bullshit: Bananas and toothpaste can restore scratched disks

A friend of mine told me that if you rub toothpaste on a disk then rub it in the rub a banana on it that they will work perfectly. I've also heard peanut butter. Never tried There NEVER will be a way to repair damaged CDs.

Quickly Remove Scratches From CDs and DVDs - Wise Bread

Aug 3, 2007 Remove scratches from DVDs and CDs. Note: NEVER clean any CD or DVD in a circular motion. Always clean in straight lines from the center I too have only used creamy peanut butter for scratches. Works great for us!

How to Fix Scratched DVDs & CDs Using Common Household

Sep 1, 2016 7 Bizarre Home Remedies That Repair Scratched DVDs & CDs can also turn to things like peanut oil and baking soda to do the same thing.

5 Ways to Fix Scratched CD's & DVD's How to repair skipping

Feb 20, 2014 There are some crazy ideas out there on how to eliminate scratches on DVDs. Bananas, peanut butter, dryer sheets, etc. As a mother and full

Home Remedies for Scratched DVDs It Still Works

Home Remedies for Scratched DVDs. by Launie Sorrels ; Updated September 28, 2017. Peanut Butter can clean the scratches from DVD's. Not all scratched

How To Get Rid Of DVD Scratches With A Banana HuffPost

Oct 12, 2012 First, apply toothpaste to the scratched area and massage it gently into After, clean the disc using a cloth and spray window cleaner onto it.

How to Fix a Scratched CD or DVD ? How To Clean

Even if you can see a couple of scratches on it, you may be able to just clean it to get If you used the peanut butter or the toothpaste, try covering the disc in the

Don't Pin That: Using a Banana To fix a broken CD

Jun 5, 2013 When a disc gets scratched, it's the protective plastic coating that on it (some have also suggested car wax, peanut butter, banana peels, etc.)

Fixing a scratched Xbox or other disk with peanut butter! - YouTube

Jan 4, 2014 This is an easy way to fix a scratched disk! THIS IS NOT A JOKE!! I would not do a joke video about this because that would be a waste of my

How to repair a cracked disc - Quora

There are many disc repair liquids in electronic stores. You can find some and follow the instructions to fix your scratched discs. 5. Peanut butter: Peanut butter

Peanut Butter Disc Fix - YouTube

Mar 3, 2010 Got a scratched disc that skips or completely freezes a game and refuses to work? Try peanut butter! The oil should fill in the cracks and work

Fix a Scratched CD or DVD with Peanut Butter - The Krazy Coupon

Jan 28, 2014 Disc Scratches Peanut butter might not be the first thing you think of to clean or fix scratched CDs and DVDs. But the oils in peanut butter help to

HOW TO: Remove scratches from CDs and DVDs - Geeks Are Sexy

Jun 11, 2007 Does anyone have additional tips on how to repair scratched CD's and P.S. I wouldn't dare try peanut butter or toothpaste on any disc.

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